Can I do AWS certification without experience?

The market is moving in a new direction when it comes to hiring candidates, and this new direction completely belongs to candidates as well as the skill sets and knowledge bases that they possess. The majority of businesses are actively searching for certified and skilled workers. Candidates who have the appropriate certifications, on the other hand, have the ability to ask for more money because they can offer you more. Because these resources will provide an organization with a valuable asset, businesses are willing to pay a premium for them. You will have the ability to design, plan, and scale AWS implementations using more than 70 different cloud computing services after completing the training course required for the AWS Solutions Architect Certification. The AWS training offered by Simplilearn is geared toward the most recent version of the AWS exam, which focuses on Amazon-designated best practices.

According to Forbes’ list of top-paying IT Certifications in 2018, Amazon Web Services (AWS) came in first place and continues to lead the industry with numerous positions. A certification program was introduced by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the year 2013. In just the past three years, these certifications have emerged as one of the most valuable assets that can be utilized to advance your career. And continued to see an increase in demand while maintaining its position as the industry leader in IT certifications. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular in businesses, and when it comes to choosing the best cloud service provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is consistently ranked first. With an annual salary that can reach as high as $113,000 on average, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification is consistently ranked among the highest-paying certifications in the IT industry. If you are interested in a career in cloud computing, earning your AWS Solution Architect Certification is a smart investment that will pay off in the long run.

Training and Certifications Offered by AWS

The landscape of cloud computing has been completely transformed by AWS, which has displaced Microsoft and Google as the provider of choice for several major giant organizations in the current scenario. Because AWS specialists are in such high demand, but there are so few of them available, it should come as no surprise that many IT professionals are rushing to get their AWS Certification in order to validate their expertise with credentials that are acknowledged by the industry.

Because AWS has evolved into the most competitive and serious player in the cloud business, it is best to get familiar with the platform first and build up your knowledge base before pursuing certifications. It makes no difference if you are the System Architect, a System Operations Engineer, or a Developer. You can get started on your journey by signing up for Simplilearn’s AWS Online Training, which will be the first major step along the way. After some time has passed, you will be prepared to begin AWS Architecting, which is designed for Solutions Architects who wish to become experts in cloud utilization.

The demand for AWS professionals is extremely high because there is a shortage of them, and their salaries are only going to go up. This is causing some IT newcomers to investigate the possibility of beginning an exciting new career in the cloud.

However, you should not fool yourself into thinking that the exams for AWS will be easy. These Certifications have the express purpose of making it easier for employers to locate qualified AWS professionals. Because of this, you will need to acquire the knowledge necessary to develop, deploy, and manage infrastructure as well as applications on the AWS Cloud.

If you do not have any prior experience in the field of information technology, it may be in your best interest to test the waters of AWS and reap the benefits of Amazon’s online training. The AWS Cloud Practitioner Essential Course offered by Simplilearn has been developed with the express purpose of assisting candidates in their preparation for the Certified AWS Cloud Practioner exam.

The salaries of these AWS professionals are at the top of the industry and are consistently going up. Beginners in the field of information technology often consider moving their careers to the cloud for this very reason. However, the question that needs to be answered is, “Can you get AWS certification even if you don’t have any prior industry experience?”

If a candidate has received hands-on training from a qualified individual, they have a significantly better chance of passing the qualifying exams on their very first try and finding work with AWS after they have earned their certification. The AWS training programs provided by Simplilearn are taught by professionals in the field, and they are developed with the express purpose of preparing you for a career in cloud computing.

The next step, which will be taken by the majority of applicants, is to take the exam to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate. It is not necessary to have any prerequisites in order to take this course; however, you will need to have some experience in the field of information technology. Amazon highly recommends this course only to those who have previous work experience or direct experience designing distributed systems and applications using the AWS platform. When it comes to assisting students in getting the most out of an online training program, Simplilearn uses a method called blended learning. The rigorous curriculum is designed by professionals in the industry, and it helps you develop skills that are job-ready. The instructors teach applicable skills by incorporating industry standards, use cases, and other materials that are relevant to cloud computing. In addition to capstone projects, there are virtual labs available for students to engage in hands-on learning.

Amazon Web Services has millions of active customers all over the world who use its services to cut costs, innovate more quickly, and become more agile. It should come as no surprise that startups, in addition to large companies, have a need for cloud architects. These professionals are able to manage a company’s cloud infrastructure and ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. Earning a certification as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate demonstrates that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the responsibilities of a cloud architect.

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