Best Competitions To Participate

Competition is an opportunity for the two entities or more to gain advantage over another and secure maximum share in the resource. This gives birth to rivalries which can be for money, prize, award, recognition, fame or anything. Competition can bred between two or more organisms, humans, animals, birds, teams, group(s), individuals, companies, communities and between nations. 

What do Competitions do to us?

Competitions create an atmosphere of intense energy which stir the mind and bring it into the mood to try and compete as best one can. This chemical activity brings intense pleasure that cannot be explained in terms. It can only be experienced. 


When a party or both the parties think that he/she/they may gain more by outcompeting the other party than by cooperating with them. This creates a situation where both the parties may enter into competition. Competitions create such scenarios where human interaction is at its highest level and communication becomes mandatory.

Equal and Unequal Competition

When two parties are at the same level corresponding to their social, economic, financial or political status, This is a situation of equal competition. Inequality in any way can create a situation where one party demonstratively has comparative advantage over another. This can manifest into a situation where one party will be in a better position after winning than they were before the competition. Both the parties will try their best to outdo each other.

Importance of Competitions

Competition is natural between two entities. In the animal world competition is mostly over food, water, territory, mates, etc. This competition in nature has given birth to Charles Darwin’s theory of the “survival of the fittest”. Only those who are hard, battle-ready, fit and eager to compete can survive. Who wins the competition survives, rest perishes. In the human world though, competitions help to pick and choose the best person for the job, position, mate, etc. Undeserving candidates get filtered out and the best candidate is chosen.


The educational system nowadays is designed in such a way that this feeling of competitiveness is inculcated in the minds of the children at a very young age. They are compulsorily made to participate and compete with their fellow classmates or other children so that they mature into capable humans. Psychologists and sociologists have recognised the healthy effects of competitions on the minds of the children. It makes them better and able to face the vagaries of life. It makes them physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically fit. 

Competitions all around

Competitions are all around. Everyone can choose those competitions which they think they can win. A competition is an experience in itself. They are organised so that everyone enjoys and has fun. Participants are given some prizes for their effort and encouraged to hone their skill sets so that the next time when they come for the same competition they have a relatively better chance of actually winning it. Winners are rewarded for their effort because they performed considerably better than the rest at that moment of time.

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