When You Will Need to Consult with a business immigration to canada

If any of the following apply to you, you should speak with a lawyer who specializes in immigration law, if you are unsure about your fundamental qualification for a residency visa or other immigration benefit, consult with an attorney. 

When applying for business immigration to canada, such as asylum or a waiver, the applicant must convince the immigration authorities that they should make an exception or provide you benefits that they would not otherwise offer to some other claimant in your position.  

When applying for a USCIS green card, naturalization, or other immigrant visas, the applicant must demonstrate that they have obtained government assistance while in Canada or that they are concerned that they might be unenforceable for some reason. 

It is a criminal violation to attempt to enter Canada or to protect oneself from deportation although these are just a few of the grounds why you might want to speak with business immigration to canada attorney and there are many more. There are others, as well! 

How to Select the Most Appropriate Immigration Attorney for Your Case

Before deciding on a lawyer, you may wish to consult with more than one, there are various types of immigration lawyers, and many specialize in a particular area, such as deportation, corporate immigration, or asylum. 

 What to Expect During Your First Consultation with a Lawyer

Most immigration attorneys will charge a fixed fee typically around $100 to meet with you and discuss whether and how the attorney might be able to assist you if you hire him or her wherein only a few companies provide a free initial consultation.  

Any personal documents that pertain to your immigration position, such as your passport, visas, I-94, marriage certificate, criminal conviction record, and any notices from immigration officials, should be brought to the appointment with you. 

The lawyer will likely ask you a number of questions and take notes, after which he or she will advise you on how to proceed and whether or not any additional paperwork or applications need to be produced or submitted. 

Many immigration lawyers offer a flat-fee basis for conventional sorts of cases, such as assistance with an application for a green card based on a marriage relationship. If you require legal services that are less predictable in nature, such as representation at an immigration court hearing which may run into numerous hearings, your lawyer is more likely to charge you on an hourly basis. See also what immigration attorneys have to say about their fees and free consultations. 


This appointment provides you with an opportunity to discuss your situation with the attorney and to ask questions. Provide the attorney with as much information as possible so that mistakes in strategy or unpleasant surprises can be avoided later in the process, the attorney has a legal obligation to maintain the confidentiality of your information.  

Recognize, on the other hand, that the attorney’s responsibility does not entail lying on behalf of a client in any circumstances, suppose someone approaches an attorney and says, I need help preparing paperwork for my false, green-card marriage, and the attorney assuming he or she is respectable, which is not always the case; some do not have any choice but to tell the client to seek help elsewhere. 

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